Monday, October 17, 2011

Myth debunked

so, the Liverpool vs. Man Utd ended with a draw. I guess that's okay considering MU poor midfield performance (to compare earlier in the season). But life goes on~

oh yeah, the myth debunked is here is that Med Students love to bring their notes/books/scribble or what have them along to everywhere they go...I thought that this is only apply to certain medical school, but apparently, every students does it...who knew huh?

I am also abide to this habit I'm afraid...especially when the exam is near and when I say near, its 25++ days to go and hell yeah, that is near and there is no time for procrastinating...time to get serious and start reading whenever I have free time!

So, during the Grand Match View last Saturday (15th Oct. 2011) I brought myself a few notes, and yes folks, I read them throughout the match...imagine one eye on the screen and the other on the notes...(@_@!)..though, we celebrated like crazy when Chicharito scored!! I accidentally threw my notes up in the air in that moment...its awesome to watch a match with members of the GGMU Kuantan!

One of the customer of the food court that we reserved for our spot was intrigued by us though


peep said...

haha u still have time to watch football though..
this is why med stdnt called genius, u guys can even concentrate reading notes during the game haha :P

btw, love ur cartoon.. follow, perhaps can learn more for my drawings too..haha

-KingSyahmi- said...

med student genius? some are...but not me..i study by tedious repetition of reading notes...its mind numbing but it worked so far...

Nicole in China said...

haha. Yeah, being a medical student, you kinda have to evolve into a zombie!

-KingSyahmi- said...

oh hai nicole!