Sunday, October 9, 2011


As a child, i'm very interested with blood. No, i'm not that freak who love blood and gore, but just fascinated with blood...

I could watch them for hours, see them clot by themselves...sometimes, i just...
i even thought that a red pen uses blood as ink back then..xD
Gross right? xD...ahh, childhood, it makes me feel less vain than I am today

but 10 years passes on, that "innocent" little boy became a man...well almost a man

he work his ass off and manage to get a place in IIUM Kuantan Campus Kulliyyah of Medicine

and sadly, his obsession with blood went away but not completely though

and of course yours truly learn Haematology as a part of his 2 year pre-clinical program..

The doctor who taught him Haematology is none other than Dr. Norlela

and yes folks, she always say that to her students...but sadly, I always forgot about them..
but heck, do I even remember what homework that my teacher gave to me back in school?

But always, without fail, she'll ask me about yesterday's lectures and of course my answer would be

and yeah, that would be her reply.

oh yeah, this is one of her many lectures

I hope I'll be able to share more of my lectures note

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peep said...

oh so u're really iium student, haha so cool.. sorry i was reading ur post from the latest.. fyi, i'll be registering this feb but in kulliyyah of engineering.. keep the great catoon up.. nice to meet your blog.. i look kind of creepy rite for tons of comments.. sorry. :( just fascinated to see this artwork. bye