Friday, October 14, 2011


a few weeks back the 1st year juniors have their first Anatomy practical..this means that they will be using a cadaver and revise their anatomy class..

seeing them cadavers for the first time make them excited as think back, I was also like them...

my depiction of the 1st year

I still remember wearing latex glove and and face mask to avoid the smell of formaline....some of my classmate went extreme and bought goggle

though they only wear them for a few times..LOL

so, at first, i was curious as a cat...poking every part of the cadaver....with all the oohs and ahhs as I explore the human body even more
but after a while, its becoming less interesting and not to mention that the specimen (or cadaver) is ruined after years being kept and dissected...some of them lost their heart

I also handle the specimen with my bare hands, LIKE A BOSS
*fuarkk yeah*
and now, i can't go through a practical session without craving for nasi goreng daging...dammit
p/s: oh dear, I hope that I do not turning to a cannibal/zombie one day..


Anonymous said...

somenone has pick the cadaver teeth during the practical. she really sorry for being so cruel to the cadaver.

hey, u should tell them about ur special cadaver there. the one with criminal case, with gun shot n tatoo in the whole body. it looks so fresh n dr.san2 the 1st one who dissect it.

-KingSyahmi- said...

ooh..the gangster?...

will do!

Internal Optimist said...

Formaldehyde is an appetite enhancer, which explains why we all get so hungry while doing dissection :P