Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cat Business

we have this fat cat (literally, the cat is FAT). she is about 5 -6 kg if I'm not mistaken. The thing is, she's always pissed off and scratching anyone that came close to her. But she is pleasant if she want some thing to eat. I guess cats took after human huh?

The best thing about her is that she is FLUFFY! and FAT too...hence the name GEMUK (lit. translation = FAT). Though at first I want to call her FLUFFY but since she is a bit of a jerk, I call her GEMUK instead.


andah said...

syahmi, i want hamster bussiness. draw about my cutey mutey hamster, her name is foshi. what a lonely hamster.. =)

andah said...

i think foshi can be fren with Gemuk.. hik3 =p

(oh i will not put her in the oven)

-KingSyahmi- said...

i nvr see ur hamster b4...share a nice story about it...then later i will make a comic