Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Laundry Day

Kuantan City is know for its temperate weather as I mentioned it time and time again.

It can be sunny and bright and within a snap of a finger, it rains like its in Hades. I always fell for that trick, the trick of a sunny day and clear blue skies but turn ugly grey skies and the heavy downpour of rain. Torrential rain that never cease to end, especially when its the monsoon season which is during the the end of the year.

Sometimes I just hate doing laundry. Just hate it. No, not actually doing the laundry or hanging them. But I hate that scary moment when suddenly a the sky turn dark and I thought "oh crap! it's gonna rain" but then, it's just a cloud passing by a sun. Oh well, today's update doesn't concern about med school at all but I think everyone including med students is ticked off by it

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Anonymous said...

it always happen to everyone