Monday, March 5, 2012


I'm not quite the joker that I thought I was. Oh well, that's okay, I can live with it.

I've received lot of stick by my classmates (especially Yazid) since he and Zahir are always featured in this blog o' mine. Okay2, I'll feature different people okay?

I told this joke to a classmate of mine some time ago...but he didn't get it. So, I told Bun about it. Being that he is quite fluent in English, I thought he should be laughing at this. But no, just a chuckle from him. I don't think its even sincere

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I have been busy with studies..Now that 1st Professional Exam is getting nearer, I can't really slacking off. I just finish my minitest Y2B3 and moments later, studying 1st year notes. Sigh, it's very busy to be a med students but love it every second.


Half a doc said...

This joke is told on scrubs... and no one laughed then either :p

-KingSyahmi- said...

eh? really? i didn;t notice it