Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alma mater

This is not a post about med school, but rather, about boys school.

My last school is Alam Shah Science School. Its a boys school, and full boarding school. The two years I spent there learning wasn't only for SPM but also, about life and to survive. I like to think that I started to be more independent here. Simply put, it's a memory that I won't forget.

Now, people often ask me about the different environment in boys school. Oftenly, they will come with presumption such as, the students are all hard headed, bullying was everywhere and of course the classic stereotype that all boys school grads have tendency to be gay. Goddammit!

When I explain to them the real situation (the situation at my school that is) they seemed to be cleared from those stereotype. Thank God! But one particular fella (Bunyamin is my victim here, though he isn't the one who I mentioned) got a different interpretation of how its like to be in boys school.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to the 4th Batch of ASiS, The RIVOLUSiS !


FrOg pRinCe said...

sometimes i'm impress with the bromance guys have.. when they say they got ur back they mean it ^-^

-KingSyahmi- said...

Bromance - there's nothing gay about it

sOfieDeCutaZ~ said...

ASiS student :D
thought u were SASERians . HAHA