Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hey folks!

A few months back, Bunyamin (and some other guys, I forgot who, sorry dude) challenged me to keep my beard since I have this ability to grow a beard (not a goatee) in 3 weeks. The only reason I did not keep my beard because it itches. On the other hand, I'm too lazy to shave it every night...sigh, first world problem.

So anyway, I accepted his challenge and keep my beard for few weeks. However it was completely shaved because a kid from this grocery store called me "uncle". Now, I'm usually don't mind the occasional Abang from a person who is clearly older than me, but that lad is like, 3 years younger than me...he even studying SPM Chemistry while keeping his family's shop!

I'm sure the kid from the grocery store meant well.

Now, I challenge you to like the Facebook page...pretty pls?

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