Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi guys.

Sorry for the hiatus. I know Clinical years is busy but I had no idea how busy it is. so many things that I never knew before and I had to study while attending patients. Not to mention my feet are killing me all week!

Previously when I update my 1st Pro Exam results, I did mention that I will post about me getting my own stethoscope..and here it is folks!

Ever since I learn that we can hear sounds produced by our organs inside using stethoscope, I feel like I could hear thoughts if I use it on other people head. But I'm wrong though because the idea is daft enough. Although, if I could catch my subjects on surprise, I should be able hear them right? right? No? Okay...


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Internal Optimist said...

If the stethoscope could hear thoughts, it would be the best investigative tool ever!

Dora Ali said...

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