Friday, May 4, 2012

My Nestle Incredible Story

 It's a hot and dry season in Kuantan. Rain is seldom in this time of the year and if it is, it's not that much to keep my room cool. However late at night, it is always raining and the mist is forming so I got a good night sleep. Earlier this month, it is so hot that I think the heat wave is here. I guess that's what I should expect in a tropical beach climate.

Anyways the best way to quench my thirst in these hot days are ice cool Milo. Hmmm, it sure is. Especially those from the truck that give out free Milo. I don't know how or what they put in the drinks to make it tasty, but keep doing it, you're doing right NESTLE!

Today's post is about Nestle 100 years anniversary and since I grow up with Nestle products I thought I should send my story.

Till next time!

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