Thursday, January 5, 2012

Collab: Kendrick Ng (Experiment)

I'm Back

This year I started out the updates with 3 consecutive collaboration. I will introduce to you guys a new sidekick of mine, but lets just wait another week for that. mmkay?

This week's collaboration is with Kendrick Ng!! He has agree to be my subject for acute effect of Alcohol. Since I can't drink and it is VERY wrong to slip some booze in Yazid's drinks, I decide to find someone who can drink and Ken, being the Good Guy Greg that he is, volunteered. THX BRO!

So, acute effect of alcohol is mainly involve Central Nervous System (but other system such as Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, and Cardiovascular is involve as well). We can see the effect of alcohol in different concentration as it is presented with various symptom (usually inhibitory system of CNS) according to different blood alcohol concentration, BAC.

The experiment could not continue since Ken's is passed out and his blood alcohol level if went further, may lead to coma and eventually death by cardiac arrest.

I did this for Problem Based Learning for this block. My sources are Katzung Pharmacology textbook. My colleagues, do read them.

To my non-muslim readers out there, make sure you drink responsibly as alcohol is one of the main cause for fatal road accident. Don't Drink and Drive

oh yeah, do check out Ken's website as well!

p/s: Ken's gonna have a massive hangover.


Kendrick Ng said...

You know what? I love the drink u gave me~!!!It's sweet! XD Thanks so much!!

-KingSyahmi- said...

u must be hallucinating...its one of the adverse effect of alcohol

Aujinz said...

Ken, can you hear me son?

-KingSyahmi- said...

i think he need time to recover full conciousness

Norazlin Nordin said...

did u clean up his puke?

-KingSyahmi- said...

hell no!